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“The Youtube Potential: Why Marketers Are Losing Money From Ignoring Youtube as a Traffic Source and How You Can Use This To Your Advantage”

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Sam Hänni
Founder SwissMadeMarketing

Sam Hänni founded SwissMadeMarketing in 2010. He saw a great need in the online marketing world for tools and automation. That's why he decided to start the development of his own software, with the goal to help Internet Marketers overcome the obstacles he experienced.

Today, SwissMadeMarketing is a million dollar business with clients in 4 languages with a complete toolset and training.


Pascal Schildknecht
YouTube Marketing Consultant

Pascal Schildknecht has successfully used YouTube Videos as a reliable traffic source that generates sales and revenue for his products. Today, he regularly speaks at companies and universities about YouTube Video Marketing. He's also known as an author of the book "Sales Funnel Marketing" and for his online coaching platforms, with which he support many companies in many areas of online marketing.

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  1. Truths and Myths About Youtube: How this $4B Search Engine Can Help You Grow Your Business

  2. Finding High-Converting Youtube Keywords

  3. Creating Videos and Optimizing Videos to Rank on Youtube

  4. Creating and Optimizing Paid Campaigns on Youtube

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